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To submit YOUR event for listing, use the form below

The cost is $8 per event, per week ( 2 week minimum).   Each
event can be up to 85 words long.  A word is 2-12 characters.

* Select the category of the event:

* Type the date(s) of the event:  (example:  January 1 - 5, 2003):

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* Enter the amount due for the listing.  (Multiply the number of weeks the listing will run by $8.  The sum is the amount due for the listing.)

* Do you want to add a photo or flyer to your listing?  If so, enter $20 and tell us whether you want a photo or flyer.  If not, or if you want both, leave blank.

* Do you want to add a photo and flyer to your listing?  If so, enter $30.  If not, leave blank.

NOTE:  If you are adding a photo and/or flyer, submit this form first, then after you make your payment, email the item(s) to us or call us for additional options.

* Enter the total amount due for this order.  (Multiply the total for the listing plus the total for the photo and/or flyer (if any).  The sum is the total amount due.

Type the website address or e-mail address you want your listing to link to.  Also type your phone number (in case we have more questions).

The cost to list an event on GospelEventsOnline.com is $8 per event, per week.  Please pay the total amount due.   How will payment be made for this order?  (choose one of the following options)

I will call Gospel USA Magazine at 305-234-8689 within 24 hours.  I will use my VISA, MasterCard or checking account to pay for my order by telephone.
I will use my VISA, MasterCard, checking account or PayPal to pay at Gospel USA Magazine's web site.   I will visit www.gospelusamagazine.com and click on "pay for an advertisement."
I will send a check or money order payable to Gospel USA Magazine, P.O. Box 970704, Miami, FL 33197.  My listing will begin on the first Thursday after payment is received by Gospel USA.

If you need additional information about submitting your event, call Cecil Brown at 305-234-8689 or send e-mail to events@GospelEventsOnline.com.